SCL440 Standalone Codelock Safe

scl-safeThis SCL SAFE is intended for hotel use, offering guests the security needed with a choice of up to 6 digit codes to operate the safe.

Code 1-6 digitals ciphers to open/close the safe
Power DC6V or 4 AA alkaline batteries
Emergency use Yes : key over-ride
Dimensions 440mm x 358mm x 195mm
Low battery indicator Yes
Use Commercial – Hotel
User friendly Yes
Strict user control Yes – password protected

Hotel applications, providing guests with peace of mind.

Features SCL440 safe
CE-Listed Yes
Upgradeable Yes
 Reprogrammable configuration Yes
Support IR communication Yes
Power supply DC6V or 4 AA alkaline batteries
Power options Mains 110V – 240V power operation and 5 LR6/AA cell backup batteries
Outside battery change Optional
Audit trail Yes
Audit trail print-out Yes
Locking method Shut & lock push button or auto close
Locking mechanism Interlocking deadbolt mechanism
User operation 1-6 digit code
LED display Yes
Backlit keypad option No
Confirmation buzzer Yes
Door construction One-piece cold pressed
Laptop compatible Yes, up to 15″
Internal power outlet option Yes
Inside carpet Yes

Download: SCL440 Safe