NSP SMF Safe Standalone Intelligent MIFARE Safe

safes-imgNSP Security sets new standards for design, strength and security for the Hotel Industry, by offering the latest intelligent SAFES with a wide range of operation options.

This SMF safe is intended for hotel use, and features proximity reading of smart cards. The guests uses the same card for the safe in the room and the room lock. Spare card memory capacity also allows sharing with other applications such as cashless vending

Model SIM Safe
Card type Mifare proximity cards
Power DC6V or 4 AA alkaline batteries
Emergency use Yes : key over-ride
Dimensions 450mm x 380mm x 220mm
Low battery indicator Yes
No. of entries recorded in audit trail 200 (including date, time and card type)
Use Commercial – Hotel
Card making and management system required Yes
User friendly Yes
Strict user control Yes – password protected

Hotel applications where Mifare technology is required, providing guests with peace of mind.

Features SMF safe SCL safe
CE-Listed Yes Yes
Upgradeable Yes Yes
Reprogrammable configuration Yes Yes
Support IR communication Yes Yes
Power supply DC6V or 4 AA alkaline batteries DC6V or 4 AA alkaline batteries
Power options Mains 110V – 240V power operation and 4 LR6/AA cell backup batteries Mains 110V – 240V power operation and 5 LR6/AA cell backup batteries
Outside battery change Optional Optional
Audit trail Yes Yes
Audit trail print-out Yes Yes
Locking method Shut door and show card to lock Shut & lock push button or auto close
Locking mechanism Interlocking deadbolt mechanism Interlocking deadbolt mechanism
User operation Card 1-6 digit code
LED display Yes Yes
Backlit keypad option No No
Confirmation buzzer Yes Yes
Door construction One-piece cold pressed One-piece cold pressed
Laptop compatible Yes, up to 15″ Yes, up to 15″
Internal power outlet option Yes Yes
Inside carpet Yes Yes
Colour option 2 choices for front panel and door frame (white or black) 2 choices for front panel and door frame (white or black)
Rental system option Yes Yes

Download: SMF Safe