SMF-ES-RF Card Energy Saving Switch

energy-saversUsing RF technology the NSP energy saving switch can cut power usage costs and help the environment. It offers a cost effective solution to today’s rising energy prices. No longer can a guest use a piece of cardboard to activate the power whilst they are out. With intelligent technology only a valid card will operate the switch.

The Mifare energy saving switch is supplied in 3 variations.

SMF-ES-SI Will read any mifare card but only Mifare cards.

SMF-ES-I Will read only Mifare cards programmed for the room.

SMF-ES-Online Will only read Mifare cards programmed for the room but also reports

all activity to the main server. This information includes Guest, Housekeeping and Maintenance status and if available turn down service completion.

Main features

  • Mifare RF technology, Smart, secure and durable.
  • Powerful “Flash” Memory Technology allows the energy saving switch to be easily reprogrammed and upgraded on site without replacing expensive hardware or components.
  • Red and Green status LED to indicate switch authorization.
  • RS485 to network (SMF-ES-Online) can be updated to wireless network.

Technical data

  • Size: 86mm * 86mm * 45mm (min 40mm Back box req. Rec’md 50mm)
  • Power supply: DC12V/500 mA (SMF-ES-Online) or AC230/50mA (SMF-ES-Si & I).
  • Relay output: Max current 15A at 230VAC.
  • Environmental conditions: -15°/60°
  • Max distance is 100 meters from Energy Switch to control data transfer box.
  • Simple cable requirements. 2 Pair screened Beldon for SMF-ES-Online provides power and data transfer in one cable.

Technical drawing


Download: SMF-ES