SMF 01 RD & SMF 02 RD MIFARE Card Door Reader & Controller

ardingly-readerThe SMF01 RD & SMF02 RD is complimentary to the SMF01, SMF02 and SMF01 EXT / SMF02 EXT respectively.

It is programmed in exactly the same manner as its counterparts, but has the advantage of being hardwired to a separate controller, which holds up to 5,000 cards.

The controller is hardwired to the electricity supply and provides power for separate locking devices such as maglocks, electric strikes, automatic doors and barriers.


Model LCU
Key 13.56 MHz Mifare Card
Power 240V AC
No. of entries recorded in audit trail 1500 kept off line (includes: date, time and card type)
Entry data storable & removabe Yes
Use SMF02 RD – Commercial
Finishes Black Plastic
Card making and management system required P4 or higher CPU, 512MB RAM, 10GB Hard Drive space, USB and available 10/100 Ethernet Port
PC Requirements: Can update via TCP/IP
Installation of Software Will work under Windows XP, Windows 7
User Friendly Yes
Number of Users 5,000
Readers dimensions (L x H x D) 115 x 75 x 15mm

Technical drawing


Download: SMF01 RD & SMF02 RD