NSP LCU Lift Controller Unit

lift-controllerThe SMF LCU is designed to ensure security throughout the building. When guests show a valid card to the reader, the lift will travel only to the designated floors authorised by the card settings. Multiple actions can also be carried out.

The Unit can also operate as a call button so that only card holders can gain access to the lift, thereafter taking the lift to any desired floor.

Hotel buildings with single or multiple lift units to be used in conjunction with NSP’s Hotel Software and can be integrated into larger systems comprising of NSP Locking and room control units.


Model LCU
Operational voltage DC12V/1A or AC220V/100mA
Operational temperature 0-50 centigrade
Operational humidity 10%—95%
Dimensions L285mm x W285mm x H80mm
Number of floors 64
Inputs (Max) 2
Outputs (Max 64
Connectivity Can update via TCP/IP
Readers 1 or 2

Technical drawing


Download: Lift controller unit