Lift Controllers

smf-01rd-smf-02-rd-mifare-card-door-reader-and-controllerNSP Security is a leading, multinational specialist providing sophisticated electronic locking systems.   NSP uses the latest Mifare technology, we manufacture using the highest calibre hardware materials, and we deploy a highly experienced, in-house Installation Team for all deployments and projects.

NSP have worked with a significant number of high profile educational institutions – from Primary Schools to Academies, Colleges and Universities.

The SMF Pro Smart range has been specifically designed for the Education Sector, so the hardware and software is robust, flexible, intuitive and rich in features.

NSP is trusted to provide market leading products and services that afford the end user innovative security tailored specifically for each client.  We continue to innovate and introduce new technology, whilst remaining highly competitive in today’s budget conscious world.

NSP – Trusted Security Solutions.

lift-controllerNSP LCU lift controller unit

The SMF LCU is designed to ensure security throughout the building. When guests show a valid card to the reader, the lift will travel only to the designated floors authorised by the card settings. Multiple actions can also be carried out.

The Unit can also operate as a call button so that only card holders can gain…