Fingerprint Lock

fpl01NSP Security is a leading, multinational specialist providing sophisticated electronic locking systems.   NSP uses the latest Mifare technology, we manufacture using the highest calibre hardware materials, and we deploy a highly experienced, in-house Installation Team for all deployments and projects.

Our range of Small Office locking solutions are ideal for smaller applications and facilities.  The end user will still benefit from NSP’s flexible and versatile products whilst taking advantage of technology ordinarily used for much larger operations.

The practical yet striking aesthetics and easy to use software are supported by NSPs dedicated back up team of highly experienced Technicians, meaning you can be assured your chosen solution will be supported at installation and beyond.  We continue to innovate and introduce new technology, whilst remaining highly competitive in today’s budget conscious world.

NSP – Trusted Security Solutions.


This compact Finger Print lockset is intended for hotel use or smaller commercial applications with up to 99 finger templates and with key over ride. This unique lockset is programmed through the physical master key. FPL01 is battery operated; the FPL 01 makes the ideal intelligent lockset when considering biometric…